AutoBody Assignments

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AutoBody Assignments


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Assignments will be posted on Mondays by noon for the week.   All Assignments are due before Fridays at noon.   Please email your instructor with the link above to turn in weekly assignment.   If you have questions or problems with the work please email the instructor or the learning support personnel that would normally assist you with your work with the links above.


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Week of May 25th Assignments

Please complete all previous assignments and return to me with your name and the assignment # so you can get credit for them.   Thank You!


Week of May 18th Assignments   

Task # 1506-1507-1508-1702-1704 Basecoat Blending – Solvent      


Students after watching the video on basecoat blending answer the following questions with a true or false answer.


1. Identifying the correct color formula is the essential first step for achieving a good match of the basecoat. True or False

2. A good practice is to use variant chips to get the best possible match and if necessary do a spray out card. True or False

3. When applying the sealer, spray just enough to cover the primer surfacer area. True or False

4. Keep the spray gun 6 to 8 inches from the surface applying medium to light coats with 50% overlap. True or False

5. Allow each coat of basecoat to flash 15 to 20 minutes before applying another coat. True or False

6. Spray each coat further than the previous to get an invisible blend. True or False

7. The final coat of basecoat needs to flash for 15 minutes before applying the clearcoat. True or False



Week of May 11th Assignments

Task # 1002 Apply repair methods for corrosion protection.

Website -

Students after watching the video: Applying 3M Cavity Wax answer the following questions with a true or false answer.


1. Internal corrosion protection coating known as cavity wax provides a vital layer of protection against corrosion.

    True or False

2. Structural components of an automobile that have been welded during the repair process especially need cavity wax for obvious reasons. Such as ensuring structural integrity of the automobile.

    True or False

3. Personal protective equipment is a must. Proper eye wear, gloves, hearing and respiratory protection must be worn.

    True or False

4. The cavity wax needs shaken for 30 seconds before it can be applied.

    True or False

5. Mark the extension tube 1 inch from the end of the nozzle for a reference point.

    True or False

6. Do not apply cavity wax on moving parts, window tracks or exhaust systems.

    True or False

7. After use invert or turn the can upside down. Cover the nozzle and depress the actuator button. This will clean the nozzle of any remaining material and ensures the system will operate correctly for the next application.

    True or False



Week of May 4th Assignments

Lesson for the week. Task # 703 Describe the removal and replacement of stationary glass.

Students watch the video on Ever Wonder How a New Windshield Glass is Installed and answer the following questions with a true or false answer.



1. A windshield makes up to 60% of a vehicle’s cabin strength. True or False

2. A windshield can keep the cabin from being crushed in up to 3 consecutive rollovers. True or False

3. A passenger side air bag deflects off the windshield when deployed. True or False

4. The urethane seal needs to be cut to remove the windshield. True or False

5. After installation of a windshield the vehicle needs a safe drive time so the urethane can fully cure. True or False



Week of April 27th Assignments

The website is:

Students watch the video on how to test a car battery with a multimeter and answer the following questions with a true or false answer.


1. To see if the battery light is operating in a vehicle turn the key to the run position and see if it lights up in the dash. True or False

2. Before checking the battery you should turn on the headlights on for 5 minutes. True or False

3. When using the digital volt ohms meter to check a battery you need to set it at 20 volts. True or False

4. 12.6 volts is the target area when first checking your battery. True or False

5. CCA is how many cranking amps a battery can deliver at 32 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds. True or False

6. It is very important to wear gloves and goggles when cleaning the battery terminals of a battery. True or False

7. A maintenance free battery has caps on top so you can add water. True or False

8. When a vehicle has 14.25 volts while running the charging system is operating correctly. True or False

9. Most batteries are warranted for 4 years. 50% of these reach that mark. True or False

10. The volts cannot drop below 10 when starting the motor. If it does the battery is no good. True or False



Week of April 20th Assignments

The website is it is a video on wheel alignment.

Students watch the video on Wheel Alignment Overview and answer the questions with an A or B answer

1 The most common type of wheel alignment is:

A.   Thrust – 4 wheel and 2 wheel

B.   Thrift – 5 wheel and 3 wheel

2   A two wheel alignment:

A  Aligns only the rear wheels

B Aligns only the front wheels

3    Technician A says it is important to check the rear suspension on a truck before aligning

      Technician B says this is not important

              Who is correct Technician A or Technician B

4    When a wheel is tilted in at the top it has:

A positive camber

B negative camber

5    When a wheel angle is tilted forward at the top it has:

A negative caster

B positive caster



Week of April 13th Assignments


Students watch the video on headlight aiming and answer the following questions. A or B

1 As your vehicle ages what are two reasons why you should check your headlight adjustment? 

A driving vibrations and suspension sag 

B driving conditions and broken windshield 

2 List 3 important checks before aiming your headlights 

A tire tread depth-brake lights-full tank of gas 

B level surface-tire pressure check-1/2 tank of gas 

3 Where do you want to place the tape on the wall?

A middle and top line of beams 

B end and bottom line of beams

4 How far away do you want to be from the wall?

A 15 feet 

B 25 feet 

5 Where can you find the information to locate your adjustment screws?

A harbor freight 

B owners manual




Week of April 6 Assignments


Please click the link below to review the nocti practice test and email me the answers

NOCTI practice test


The website for this lesson is


Students read the article on vehicle restraint system and answer the following questions 

What is still the most important restraint device?

What are the 3 classified air bags?

What are the 2 main components of an airbag?

How fast does an airbag inflate?



Week of March 30 Assignments


Hello students hope everyone is well! Here is a lesson for this week.

Go to YouTube and watch the video on the types of frame damage.

Then send me the 5 types of frame damage.

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