Carpentry Assignments

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Carpentry Assignments


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Assignments will be posted on Mondays by noon for the week.   All Assignments are due before Fridays at noon.   Please email your instructor with the link above to turn in weekly assignment.   If you have questions or problems with the work please email the instructor or the learning support personnel that would normally assist you with your work with the links above.


PLEASE REVIEW THIS END OF YEAR INFORMATION including schedule on when you can pick up your things from your locker and last day of school:


Week of May 25th Assignments

Please complete all previous assignments and return to me with your name and the assignment # so you can get credit for them.   Thank You!



Week of May 18th Assignments

Use the video in the link below to answer the following questions.


1. The two angles primarily used on the speed square are ____________degrees.

A. 30 and 60 

B. 45 and 90

C. 60 and 90


2. The speed square can be used as a fence to make straight cuts with with a __________ saw.

A. Miter

B. Circular

C. Hand


3. The diamond cut out on the top edge of the speed square is used to scribe lines at ___________.

A. 3"

B. 3 1/4"

C. 3 1/2"


4. The speed square can be used as a protractor.

A. True

B. False


5. The speed square is also known as the ___________ square.

A. Rafter

B. Tri

C. Layout



Week of May 11th Assignments

Monday May 11th Carpentry students may come in to clean out their locker and gather their belongings from Admiral Peary Vo Tech between the hours of 8am and 3:15pm.


Please use the video link to answer the following questions.


1.       Before setting trusses, walls must be____________.

A.      Plumb

B.      Braced

C.      Both plumb and braced

2.       Spacing for rafters or trusses is typically ___________ on center.

A.      12”

B.      16”

C.      24”

3.       Plates used to fasten truss components together are called _____________.

A.      Gang nails

B.      Splice blocks

C.      Truss Hangers

4.       Make sure your first truss is set __________.

A.      Plumb

B.      Centered on the building

C.      Both plumb and centered on the building

5.       You can nail thru the gang nails of a truss.

A.      True

B.      False


Monday May 11th Carpentry students may come in to clean out their locker and gather their belongings from Admiral Peary Vo Tech between the hours of 8am and 3:15pm.



Week of May 4th Assignments

Use the video link provided below to answer the following questions.

  1. What guage brad nails are being used to install the door trim?
    A. 16
    B. 18
    C. 22
  2. The distance between the edge of the trim and the edge of the jamb is called the __________.
    A. reveal
    B. backset
    C. gap
  3. The saw being used to cut the trim is a _______________.
    A. back saw
    B. circular saw
    C. miter saw
  4. A way of marking trim to length without measuring is called ___________.
    A. guaging
    B. transfering
    C. scribing
  5. The short point of a miter cut is called the _______.
    A. heel
    B. back
    C. toe


Week of April 27th Assignments

For this weeks assignment use the video in the link provided below to answer the following questions.



  1. Why is layout important in a home, building or structure? 
    A. To provide even and uniform strength to the home, building or structure.
    B. To provide even and uniform spaces for wire and mechanical components.
    C. To limit cutting of sheet goods and excess waste of building materials.
    D. All of the above
  2. What are the 3 common layout dimensions?
    A. 16", 19.2", 24"
    B. 12", 16", 24"
    C16", 24", 32"
  3. At what point on a tape measure do all 3 layout dimensions line up?
    A. 4'
    B. 8'
    C. 10'
  4. To put studs on center, your layout line is marked _____ off of the stud center line.
    A. 1/4"
    B. 3/4"
    C. 1"
  5. The jack studs in a door or window opening are________________________________.
    A. The studs placed above the header of the door or window opening
    B. The outer most studs of the door or window opening
    C. The inner most studs of the door or window opening



Week of April 20th Assignments

Use this video to answer the following questions.


1.Total rise for a set of stairs is measured from________.

      A. Framing to framing

      B. Subfloor to subfloor

      C. Finished floor to finished floor

2. Standard riser height for calculating stairs is ________.

      A. 6"

      B. 7"

      C. 8"

3. When calculating stairs, one riser + one tread should equal between ________.

      A. 15" - 16"

      B. 16" - 17"

      C. 17" - 18"

4. The thickness of the _________ must be cutt off the bottom of the stringer to make all the risers equal height.

      A. Riser

      B. Tread

      C. Subfloor

5. The bottom of the stringer can be notched out for a ________ to lock the stringers in place.

      A. RIser

      B. Kicker

      C. Subfloor



Week of April 13th Assignments

Use this website to watch the video and answer the questions below.


This is an important step before the start of any construction project.



   1. What color marking paint should you use to mark out the proposed excivation site?

   2. What color is used to mark underground electric lines?

   3. 811 should be called at least _______ days before excivation is scheduled to begin?

   4. What color paint is used to mark out gas, oil, steam and petrolium lines?

   5. What does the blue marking paint represent.


Week of April 6 Assignments

We are going to review and continue with our lesson on calculating stairs. 


Watch this 3 part video series to help you complete the answers to the stair diagram below.


stair picture


Treads will be made of 2x6 lumber. 

Remember that the actual size of 2x6 is 1 1/2" x 5 1/2"

There will be a 1/2" overhang of the tread for the nosing of the step.

A. Total rise is 59"

B. What is the unit run? (width of tread material minus nosing)

C. What is the tread thickness?

D. How many steps? (total rise divided by 7")

E. What is the measurement for the first riser on the stringer? (unit rise minus tread thickness)

F. What is the unit rise? (total height divided by the number of steps)

G. What is your total run? (unit run multiplied by number of steps)

H. What is the measurement from the top of the stringer to the finished height of the upper landing? (unit rise plus thickness of tread)



        Please feel free to email me with any questions if you need help. I think the videos do a good job of explaining the process, but I understand that this isn't the way that we are used to learning and communicating. Online and distance learning can be challenging and difficult. Please don't let this get you discouraged or frustrated. It is a big adjustment for everyone and I will be glad to assist you in any way that I can.


             Mr. Adams




Week of March 30 Assignments


Please use these two links to access short videos on using and understanding safety data sheets. 

This is a link to an SDS sheet for LIQUID NAILS. A common adhesive used on many construction sites. 

Using this SDS, answer the following questions. 

  1. What is the emergency contact number and in what section can it be found? 

  1. What are two hazards of this product listed on the SDS sheet? 

  1. What guidelines are given regarding the storage of this product? 

  1. In section 4, what should be done if this product contacts the skin?  


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