Cosmetology Assignments

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Cosmetology Assignments


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Assignments will be posted on Mondays by noon for the week.   All Assignments are due before Fridays at noon.   Please email your instructor with the link above to turn in weekly assignment.   If you have questions or problems with the work please email the instructor or the learning support personnel that would normally assist you with your work with the links above.


PLEASE REVIEW THIS END OF YEAR INFORMATION including schedule on when you can pick up your things from your locker and last day of school:


Week of May 25th Assignments

Please complete all previous assignments and return to me with your name and the assignment # so you can get credit for them.   Thank You!


Week of May 18th Assignments

Cosmetology online class

May 18-22, 2020


Task # 1606 Perform a lightener and toner application

Task # 1614 Demonstrate the procedure for a foil highlight

Task # 1612 Demonstrate the procedure for lash and brow tint.


Good Morning Girls,


Sophomores and juniors


Please read over the hair lightening procedures by clicking here


Then you will watch the video on lightener. 


Then I want you to watch the next 2 videos on foiling. This is something that takes practice, but at least you will see what we will be doing in the fall.


then watch this!!


Then answer a few questions by clicking here



You girls have been doing color for 2 years so your assignment is advanced. The first thing I know you needed to do, although several of you did get to work on our bleach customers. Please watch seniors Platinum card Paul Mitchell bleach retouch.   


Then answer questions on lightening by clicking here.


And then watch the next video, on eyelash and eyebrow tinting. This one is fun and easy!


Have a great weekend,

Love Mrs. N



Week of May 11th Assignments

Cosmetology online class

May 11-15 2020


Task # 1601 perform a patch test

Task # 1602 perform a strand test

Task # 1605 perform a permanent color


Good Morning Girls,


    Hope everyone is doing well!! Almost done for the year as we only have 3 weeks of school left! Today we are going to continue learning about hair coloring. If we were in class, we would be practicing procedures, so you know how to apply color and lightener to get the best results.  


Sophomores and juniors:

We will begin by watching a video on the types of color.


You will read the information sheets on Predisposition test and the strand test.

Predisposition test

Strand test


Then I want you to watch the video from Sam Villa’s design team.


Next you will ready the two sheets that are on color procedures.

Color Procedures


Then you will watch the next two videos and finally answer a few questions that you will get from all the information on application.


color retouch


color going lighter


Questions from the videos

Click here for Application Questions




   Although we are on color and I hate to jump around I see that a lot of stylists are getting certified in salon disinfection. This will add to your certifications and I am passing this along to all the stylists that I know. Your assignment this week is to get two certifications. I did mine, they are both easy to do and reminds us of what we need to do when going to work, especially since we are living through a time when cleanliness and disinfection have never been more needed.

Follow these steps and do the Barbicide certification and then after that is complete do the Covid -19 certification through barbicide. Please take a picture and send it to me, as I must report this to the state.   Click here to go to


Thank you girls! Have a great week! Mrs. Natcher




Week of May 4th Assignments

Cosmetology online class

May 4-8, 2020


Task # 1609 Demonstrate knowledge of color as it relates to the law of color


Good Morning Girls,


    Hope everyone is doing well!! Almost done for the year as we only have 4 weeks of school left!

    Today we are starting hair coloring, which I know most of you were looking forward to doing. I am sorry that we will not be able to do all the fun assignments in hair color and lightening but we can certainly learn a lot of important information so that we are ready to do all the exciting color concepts. This lesson is all about color theory and how it relates to haircolor. There is no magic in great haircolor,  it takes a strong understanding of color theory and practice to become good at applying that understanding and the concepts that we will learn.

    You will watch the entire video and then answer the questions after you have watched the entire video. Copy and paste it to the email so I can see your answers and I will send you the key when you have completed the assignment, so that you can see your mistakes and correct.


Click here to watch the Haircolor video


Click here to view the color theory questions


Have a great weekend,

Love Mrs. N



Week of April 27th Assignments

Cosmetology online class

April 27-May 1, 2020

Task # 1802 Select products based on individual clients needs

Task# 1803 Perform a basic facial including cleansing

Task # 2304 Demonstrate knowledge of false eyelashes


Good Morning ladies,

    This week we are going to step back into the skin care world and introduce you to facials and facial products. 

Sophomores and juniors: You will first read notes on facials and skin care.  Then you will watch first the video on cleansing the skin, and then watch the video on giving a facial. This lady does it slightly different from the way I teach it, but it is close, and it will give you an idea of what you will be doing next year when we do this segment.  

Facial notes link - please click here to read the notes

Video of cleansing the skin

Video of facial -


Finally I want you to answer the question sheet, copy it, and send it to me in an email. When you do this I will send you the answers so you can check your work. Remember, this is an effort grade; I am interested in seeing if you watch the videos, and look up the answers. You might remember if you take the time to look up the answers.

click here to view Question sheet for assignment 5

    We are almost done for the summer, hang in there, your summer will go fast and we will be back at it next year. I look forward to it!!


Seniors: OK girls, you have covered facials and makeup; the only thing here that you have not covered is eyelash application. Watch the video and answer the questions on eyelash extension and tabbing questions. Finish the milady review and testing and the career safe sections.

Video for eye lash extensions and tabbing


Senior Questions

Eyelash extensions and eyelash tabbing   -  Due May 1, 2020


1. What are the differences between eyelash extensions and eyelash tabbing?


2. What type do we do at Admiral Peary?


3. Where do you place the lash when doing the extension?


4. What supplies do you need to do both of these procedures?


Seniors, Please Do not forget to Finish the milady review and testing and the career safe sections.



Week of April 20th Assignments

Cosmetology class

Posted: April 20, 2020

Due: April 24, 2020


Good morning ladies,


The lesson for this week is going to be dealing with interviewing skills, as once you have your license, you will need to interview for a job. We are utilizing a course online through Career safe. This is an important skill that ANYONE can utilize, regardless of what you plan to do or what you end up doing. This is only a 5-hour course, and you usually spend between 12.5 -13 hours a week in class, so this is not too much work.

I want to remind you all that the state board has for the first time granted permission to give you guys hours on certain material for online education, so you are getting 12.5-13 hours a week towards your state boards if you do this assignment. But if you don’t I can not put hours in for you. For you seniors, this can really help you, as I am permitted to give you up to 250 hours for this term, and some of you really need the hours to finish and take boards, so do all the work and I will assign you the hours. This includes Milady online, and career safe safety course. ALL JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES- GO TO WWW.CAREERSAFEONLINE.COM > CAMPUS LOGIN > DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT. Then you will enter your personal information then it will ask you for a teacher code, which I will give you from my end. You will need to email or text me you registered and then I go in and accept.



ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: This is only good for two weeks; it must be done before April 30, 2020. The seats will be closed after that time.

Problems, concerns, or need help, text or email me, I check emails every day!

Mrs. Natcher


Week of April 13th Assignments


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!!  

For this week (April 13 to April 17), we are going to take a little turn...and move on to the business end of things.  We will be looking at the development of resumes, cover letters, and follow-up letters.  The entire lesson is going to be through the online Schoology site.  To complete this work, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the following link to go to the schoology website:
  • When you get there, there is a link near the top right of the screen that says "LOG IN" -- click on it
  • Logins have been made for everyone
    • Username -- First Name.First letter of your last name -- Example:  for Stacey King -- her Username would be Stacey.K  (watch your capital letters)
      • If your last name starts with Mc, such as McDonald, use both letters after the period -- Example:  for Ronald McDonald -- his username would be Ronald.Mc
      • If your last name is hyphenated (or you have 2), use the first letter of each last name -- Example:  Toni Shertz-Howard -- her username would be Toni.SH
    • Password -- First letter of your first, middle, and last names followed by number of your the month you were born in (1-12), number of the day you were born (1-31), and then the last 2 numbers of your birth year (00-04) -- Example:  for Angel Lynne Natcher with a birthdate of March 3, 2004 -- her password would be ALN3304 (watch your capital letters)
    • School or Postal Code -- enter 15931 -- it will show a list of schools -- choose Admiral Peary Area Vocational-Technical School
      • IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE LOGGING IN, PLEASE EMAIL ME at  -- I will then send the username and password to you
  • When you get into Schoology, click underneath the top blue bar on the words "COURSE DASHBOARD" and then click on your class - Getting the Job You Want
  • Follow through the activities IN ORDER.  Some are just simple directions, others are PowerPoint presentations, while others are assignments that need to be submitted
    • Directions are listed on each activity
      • If you ever need to return to the activity list, just click on the word "Materials" on the left side of your screen under the picture
  • To logout, click on the down arrow beside your name on the top right corner of the screen


If you have any questions or need any help, please email me at  -- I will do whatever I can to make this easier for you!!!



~~~Miss Hudak~~~


Week of April 6 Assignments

Cosmetology Enrichment class

Posted: April 5, 2020

Due: April 10,2020


Good morning ladies,

The following videos are on skin disorders and diseases. Your book, if you have it will make this a little easier, but if you don’t refer to the videos for your answers. The assignment is to watch video 1 and 2 and answer in your own words the questions that are listed here and email them to me. This is a lot longer, but I am trying to make the lessons fit with accompanying hours for your time. You need to know these terms, so it is up to you to learn them and hopefully this will give you a chance to do just that.

Don’t worry about the pronunciation, no one is ever going to care how you pronounce it, just if you know what it is and if we can treat or not treat it.



1. Put your name at the top of every page you send me and number all of your answers. I cannot give you credit if I don’t know who is sending me work.

2. Number all answers in the order of the questions on the worksheet.

Thank you!


As always, Love and miss you!

Mrs. N.


Videos for assignment 2


1st video


2nd video


Skin Disorders and Diseases Work sheet 1


1. Cosmetologists are susceptible to________________ which is an allergic reaction to certain cosmetics or chemicals.

a. Chloasma                b. dermatitis venenata            c. Lentigines               d. papules

2. The technical term for a freckle. ________________

a. Chloasma                b. Lentigines               c. leukoderma             d. vitiligo

3. A congenital failure of the skin to form melanin pigment is ______________.

a. Lentigines               b. Chloasma                c. vitiligo         d. albinism

4. ____________________ is the term used to describe hyperpigmentation caused by over activity of the melanocyctes in the epidermis.

a. melanoderma          b. leukoderma             c. vitiligo         d. albinism

5. Hives are an example of _________________.

a. pustules       b. macules       c. papules        d. wheals

6. _______________ are solid masses in the skin.

a. Vesicles       b. tumors         c. macules       d. bulla

7. _____________________ are shedding dead cells of the uppermost layer of the epidermis.

a. scales           b. crusts           c. excoriations             d. fissures

8. _______________are the dried remains of an oozing sore.

a. scales           b. crusts           c. scars            d. excoriations

9. _____________________result any time a lesion extends into the dermis.

a. moles            b. scales          c. scars             d. fissures

10. This stain in the skin is caused by the dilation of the small blood vessels in the skin____________________.

a. scar              b. callus                       c. verruca                    d. miliaria rubra

11. Squamous cell carcinoma is a skin cancer that is characterized by  ____________________.

a. pearly nodules         b. red papules              c. black patches           d. brown patches

12. Basal cell carcinoma is considered_____________________________

a. most dangerous       b. least dangerous       c. second least dangerous              d. not dangerous

13. Malignant melanoma may have a ________________ edges.

a. smooth         b. even bordered         c. uneven, jagged                    d. deepened

14. Which of the following is true of a verruca?

a. caused by a virus     b. contagious   c. general name for many types             d. all of the above

15. _______________ is/are masses of sebum trapped in the hair follicle.

a. comedone                b. acne                         c. rosacea                    d. steatoma

16. ____________________ another name for bromidrosis.

a. anhidrosis                b. osmidrosis               c. hyperhidrosis          d. psoriasis

17. Lack of perspiration is _____________________________

a. osmidrosis               b. hyperhidrosis          c. hyperkratosis           d. anhidrosis

18. Herpes simplex is the technical name for: ____________________________

a. eczema                    b. psoriasis                  c. fever blister                         d. acne

19. ____________________ is a chronic condition that appears primarily on the cheeks and nose, and is characterized by redness of the cheeks and dialted blood vessels.

a. rosacea                    b. psoriasis                  c. fever blister                         d. acne

20. Telangiectasis is the technical term for:

a. warts            b. acne             c. distended/ dialted blood vessels                 d. itchy swollen lesion

21. The term noncomedogenic is a term that is used to describe a _______________________

a. acne prone skin       b. product that does not block pores              c. cysts    d.discoloration

22. Conjunctivitis is a term used to describe ____________________________

a. dermatitits       b.type of skin cancer           c. a thick scar              d. bacterial infection of eye

23. Keloid is the technical term for: __________________________

a. scar from fiberous tissue     b. thickened patch of epidermis         c. freckles           d. wart

24. Lentigo is the technical term for: __________________________________

a. wart             b. crack in the skin      c. freckle         d. cyst

25. The contagious skin infection that has a definite wet and weepy lesion is: ______________

a. impetigo                  b. scar                          c. wheal                       d. milia

26. Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that is characterized by: ______________________

a. elevated cyst           b. abnormal lump        c. redness, dry or oily scaling                        d. blistering

27. An itchy swollen lesion that lasts hours and is the result of ______________________

a. wheal                       b. verruca                    c. vesicle                     d. fissure

28. A crack in the skin from dryness that penetrates the dermis is ________________________

a. cyst              b. fissure         c. wart             d. lesion

29. Overgrowth of skin is called: _______________________

a. hyper pigmentation                         b. excoriation              c. hypertrophy     d. leukoderma

30. Abnormal colorations of the skin that accompany many disorders is called: ______________

a. dyschromias            b. fissures                    c. dermatitis                d. tan

31. An example of a Keratoma is: __________________________________

a. lesion     b. welt from sting of insect   c. comedone                                  

d. callus caused by repeated friction or rubbing

32. Intrinsic factors are considered: ___________________________________

a. Skin aging that we can’t control     b. lesions         c. unstable molecules that cause aging

d. factors that cause temporary damage to the epidermis

33. The absence of pigmentation resulting in light or white splotches is called: ______________

a. hyperpigmentation              b. hypopigmentation               c. hypertrophy                d. albinism

34. The cause of biochemical aging is called: ____________________________________

a. telangiectasis                       b. vitiligo                     c. free radicals             d. dyschromias

35. The hereditary factor that causes skin to retain dead cells in the follicle and form a acne lesion.

a. rosacea        b. scar              c. oily skin                  d. retention hyperkeratosis

36. The name of the blister or watery sac of fluid is: _____________________________

a. vesicle                     b. verruca                    c. wheal                       d. scale

37. A secondary skin lesion is one that is characterized by: _____________________________

a. mark on skin         b. abnormal growth on skin          c.  different color/raised    d. depression of the skin/ulcer


Skin Disorders and diseases Review


Name: ___________________________Date: ______________


Remember: derma means skin. And hydrosis is hydration of the skin.


1. Define:


a. Dermatology

b. Dermatologist

c. Dermatitis venenata


2. Primary Lesions: Explain or give example


a. Macule

b. Papule

c. Pustule

d. Vesicle

e. Bulla

f. Wheal

g. Nodule


3. Secondary Lesions:


a. Psoriasis

b. Eczema

c. Crust

d. Excoriation

e. Fissure

f. Scar

g. Keloid

h. Ulcers


4. Hypertrophies (New Growth)


a. Callus

b. Verruca

3. Skin tag



5. Pigmentation adnormality


a. Melanoderma

b. Chloasma

c. Naevus

d. Leukoderma

e. Albinism

f. Vitiligo


6. Sebaceous Gland disorders (oil gland)


a. Comedones

b. Milia

c. Acne

d. Rosacea

e. Asteatosis

f. Seborrhea

g. Steatoma

h. Furuncles

i. Carbuncles


7. Sudoriferous Gland disorders (sweat gland)


a. Bromidrosis

b. Anhidrosis

c. Hyperhidrosis

d. Miliaria Rubra


8. What are the ABC’s of skin cancer?

A-E and explain.


Extra credit: What is the correct ph of the skin?



Week of March 30 Assignments


Cosmetology Enrichment class

Posted: March 30, 2020

Due: April 3,2020

Good morning ladies,

The following videos are long hair design videos. This exercise will give you a chance to see a beautiful design that the stylist did, using concepts that I have already taught you.

The assignment is to watch video 1 and 2 and answer in your own words the questions that are listed here and email them to me. Label video 1 and video 2.

Real easy, and fun, and reaffirms to me that I am giving you everything you need to be successful in the field and continued learning arena!

Long hair design Video 1

1. Outline the steps to this design.

2. What are the two elements of this design that you learning in basic braiding class?

3. How did the stylist alter that basic braid that she did?

4. Did you enjoy seeing this video?



Long hair design Video 2

1. Outline the steps of this design.

2. What was the concept that the stylist used that you learned in basic braiding class?

3. How did the stylist alter that basic braid that she did? Do you remember the name?

4. What did she use to hide the ends?

5. Did you enjoy this video?



Enjoy the styles girls; I will be posting more until we go back!

Love you! Mrs. N



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