Health Assignments

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Health Assignments


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Assignments will be posted on Mondays by noon for the week.   All Assignments are due before Fridays at noon.   Please email your instructor with the link above to turn in weekly assignment.   If you have questions or problems with the work please email the instructor or the learning support personnel that would normally assist you with your work with the links above.


PLEASE REVIEW THIS END OF YEAR INFORMATION including schedule on when you can pick up your things from your locker and last day of school:


Week of May 25th Assignments

Please complete all previous assignments and return to me with your name and the assignment # so you can get credit for them.   Thank You!



Week of May 18th Assignments

Task title #835 & #1003

REMEMBER!!  The assignments that are posted for the week are DUE BY FRIDAY at 3:15. EVERY WEEK!!!  Otherwise they are LATE!!

Hello kids!  Hope you are all still doing well & staying safe!!  It was good seeing some of you with the locker clean out this past Tuesday!  This week’s assignment is dealing with EKG electrode & lead placement.  Watch the you-tube video & answer the 15 questions that follow.  Be sure to include in the subject section of your e-mail “EKG questions”.  E-mail me your answers!
   😊Any questions, e-mail me!  👍

EKG Questions:
1.  How is it best to position a patient for an EKG?

A.  Fowler’s
B.  Prone
C.  Supine
D.  Sims

2.  How many electrodes are placed on the body for a 12 lead EKG interpretation?

A.  12
B.  10
C.  6
D.  Eh

3.  It is important for electrodes not to be placed where?

A.  Over bony prominences
B.  Over large muscle groups
C.  Over vital organs
D.  Both A & B

4.  Skin preparation includes:

A.  Shaving if necessary
B.  Rubbing with an alcohol prep to remove skin oils
C.  Exfoliating the area
D.  All of the above

5.  Limb electrodes are placed where?

A.  On the extremities
B.  On the chest
C.  On elbows & knees
D.  On intercostal spaces

6.  Chest electrodes are placed where?

A.  On the extremities
B.  On the chest
C.  On the wrist & ankles
D.  On the abdomen

7.  How many chest electrodes are placed on the chest?

A.  4
B.  5
C.  6
D.  7

8.  Chest leads are also called precordial leads, or voltage leads. They are labeled V1 thru V6.  They are placed in between the ribs at various locations.  Which lead is placed at the 4th intercostal space to the right of the sternum?

A.  V1
B.  V2
C.  V3
D.  V4

9.   Which lead is placed at the 5th intercostal space to the left of the sternum mid-clavicular line?

A.  V2
B.  V4
C.  V5
D.  V6


10.  Which lead is placed at the 5th intercostal space to the left of the sternum mid-axillary line?

A.  V3
B.  V4
C.  V5
D.  V6

11.  True or false
The electrodes are the sticky patches placed on the skin at specific locations, the leads are the wire hook ups that attach to the electrodes.

12.  True or false
The patient may lay in a position of comfort with legs or arms crossed if desired.

13.  True or false
The patient will be asked to hold their breath for the procedure to decrease interference.

14.  True or false
Patients can be placed in a semi-Fowler’s position if they can not tolerate laying flat.

15.  True or false

There are 2 different styles of electrodes for a lead to attach style & snap style.



Week of May 11th Assignments

Task # - Anatomy of the Circulatory System & pathway of blood through the heart.

Hello kids!
Watch the you-tube link below.  After watching, answer the following 12 multiple choice questions & e-mail me your answers.  Make sure you type “answers to heart questions” in the subject section of the e-mail! Number your answers & put your choice....A, B, C , or D.

Any questions as always, you can e-mail me!!

**SENIORS...reminder to submit essays for scholarships available to you!!!

1.  How many chambers does the human heart have?

A.  2
B.  4
C.  6
D.  8

2.  What is the name of the first occurring valve that blood first flows through?

A.  Tricuspid
B.  Bicuspid
C.  Mitral
D.  Aortic

3.  What is the name of the blood circulation through the lungs?

A.  Venous
B.  Arterial
C.  Pulmonary
D.  Systemic

4.  Why is the blood bluish in color in the veins?

A.  It is deoxygenated
B.  It is full of nutrients
C.  It is oxygenated
D.  It is purified

5.  What is another name for the bicuspid valve?

A.  Lunar valve
B. Trigeminal valve
C.  Mitral valve
D.  Pulmonary valve

6.  Blood vessels that carry blood to the heart are what?

A.  Arteries
B.  Veins
C.  Capillaries
D.  Oxygenated

7.  Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart are what?

A.  Veins
B.  Arteries
C.  Capillaries
D.  Deoxygenated

8.  What is the name of the largest artery in the human body?

A.  The Pulmonary artery
B.  The Vena cava
C.  The aorta
D.  The carotid artery

9.  What is the name of the largest vein in the body?

A.  The vena cava
B.  The aorta
C.  The pulmonary vein
D.  The Subclavian vein

10.  What is the name of the circulation throughout the body called?

A.  Pulmonary circulation
B.  Respiratory circulation
C.  Temporary circulation
D.  Systemic circulation

11.  What is the name of the valve that precedes the blood going into the pulmonary artery?

A.  Pulmonary valve
B.  Aortic valve
C.  Bicuspid valve
D.  Tricuspid valve

12.  What is the name of the valve that precedes the blood entering into the aorta?

A.  Bicuspid valve
B.  Tricuspid valve
C.  Pulmonary valve
D.  Aortic valve


Week of May 4th Assignments

*Task # grouping for cognitive/ behavioral care of an elderly patient


 Click on the link below & select course on Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease.

 Complete the reading & quiz at the end of the information on Alzheimer’s.      Same as you did this past week, to show you have successfully completed & passed the quiz....send me a screen shot of your certificate.


As usual...any questions/concerns, e-mail me!  ❤️



Week of April 27th Assignments

Hello again kids!!! 

    Below is a web site for continuing education.


The first one you are to complete is on client centered care.  Click the link & follow the prompts.

*Scroll down to where it says CEU (continuing education credits) course list & select: “Client Centered Care” & press start course.
*Enter contact information

A.  E-mail
B.  Zip code
C.  First name
D.  Last name
E.  Phone #

* Next screen- select “skip & go to training”
* Click start (arrow)
*Read “Navigating the course”
*Read each slide (at the bottom of the screen there is a must allow timer to complete before continuing).  Also, you must click all informational windows before progressing forward.
*Take Quiz.
*Download certificate of completion & screen shot a picture & e-mail or send it to me so that I know you have completed the training.

    As always, any questions....e-mail me!!  ❤️



Week of April 20th Assignments

Hello kids!  Another certification for you to complete for this weeks assignment!  (Seniors thats 3 for you, underclassmen - 2). I hope you are all doing well!!  ðŸ™ðŸ¼  Keep completing the assignments weekly & hopefully we’ll get through this sooner rather than later!  Stay safe!!  â¤ï¸

The link below is a certification for covid-19.  Click the link & FOLLOW directions!  It is in an informational format with a quiz that follows.  You must get 100% on the quiz to receive the certification.  


*Watch introductory video

*Register :

  A.   -  your e-mail

  B.   -  job title -  select      


   C.  -  Select “take this 

             course for yourself” 

* Create your account

  A. - first name 

  B. - last name

  C. - e-mail

  D. - password

  E. - check read & agree

  F. - click sign up

(Write your e-mail & password down because you can use it to log back in if you don’t finish in one sitting)

*** On completion of the course, and once you take the quiz & pass with 100% (don’t can retake if you miss any) you can download your certificate!  Be sure to send me a picture either via e-mail or screen shot of it, so that I know you have successfully completed the training. 

As always,  any questions e-mail me!




Week of April 13th Assignments

Hello kids! 
     I pray everyone is doing well!  🙏🏼😊
     Please check this site at least weekly for posted assignments!  Remember...this is your responsibility!!  FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!
     This weeks video is on abuse.  The video describes 6 different types of abuse.  Watch the video & answer the questions that correspond to it.   Number answers & e-mail them back to me.  Be sure to include your name!!  Any questions, e-mail me.

Types of abuse video

1.  What type of abuse includes punching, hitting, or slapping an individual?
A.  Sexual abuse
B.  Physical abuse
C.  Verbal abuse
D.  Psychological abuse

2.  What type of abuse occurs when a person tries to manipulate someone’s judgement or question their psyche?
A.  Physical abuse
B.  Verbal abuse
C.  Mental abuse
D.  Emotional abuse

3.  What type of abuse involves isolating an individual because they speak a different language?
A.  Sexual abuse
B.  Physical abuse
C.  Financial abuse
D.  Cultural identity abuse

4. Making a person feel inadequate or criticizing them because of how they look is considered what type of abuse?
A.  Sexual abuse
B.  Financial abuse
C.  Verbal abuse
D.  Physical abuse

5.  What type of abuse is it where words that are spoken are used as weapons to hurt or cause pain? 
A.  Mental abuse
B.  Emotional abuse
C.  Sexual abuse
D.  Cultural identity abuse

6.  Not allowing a person access to their money, or not allowing them to work is considered what type of abuse?
A.  Verbal abuse
B.  Emotional abuse
C.  Financial abuse
D.  Cultural identity abuse

7.  What type of abuse is it  when a person threatens to “out” an individual for being homosexual?
A.  Cultural identity abuse
B.  Economical abuse
C.  Psychological abuse
D.  Sexual abuse

8.  What is the definition of “abuse”?
A.  Arguing all the time.
B.  A pattern of behavior in which the person wants power & control over you.
C.  Not listening to your parents advise.
D.  Not allowing your sister to borrow your favorite sweatshirt.

9.  Is not taking care of someone’s basic level needs abuse?  Explain?

10.  What is your responsibility as a care giver if you even suspect abuse, you have no proof, but you suspect something is happening?   Explain?


Week of April 6 Assignments

Hello again kids!  I hope you are all being safe!!  😍
With all of these unprecedented medical issues out there, it is important to be informed & be knowledgeable.  Watch the YouTube video attached.  Respond to the 14 questions that follow & e-mail your answers back to me!!
     STAY SAFE!!!  ❤️

1.  What is a “corona virus”?
2.  How did “corona-like viruses” get their name?
3.  What is the nickname of this corona virus that we are dealing with right now?
4.  Where & how is it believed that this virus got started?  Where & how did it begin?
5.  How long does this virus stay on paper/cardboard?  How long on plastic?  Is it in the air?
6.  How is it transferred from person to person?
7.  What does “incubation period” mean?  How long is this virus’s incubation period?
8.  Name 3 common symptoms of this virus?  Name 3 less common symptoms?
9.  What are 6 things that you can do to decrease the spread?
10.  In 1918 there was another virus similar to this one that caused similar issues.  What was the name of that virus & how can knowing history of that virus help with treatment of this one?
11.  What is the name of the machine that is used for patients that are severely ill with respiratory issues?  Hint...this machine is comparable to a heart lung by-pass machine used during open heart surgeries?
12.  How long is it suggested that it might take to develop a vaccine to fight this virus?
13.  In the media...this condition is referred to as a “Pandemic” what does pandemic mean?
14.  What are your feelings regarding this virus?  Think about it & write your thoughts down!


Week of March 30 Assignments

Hi kids!
     In order to keep you learning, please watch the YouTube video attached.  Answer the following questions related to the video & send your answers back to me at my e-mail.

1.  What exactly is an occupied bed?
2.  What is another name for a hospital corner?
3.  List the procedure for performing a hospital corner.
4.  Why is it important to wash your hands before & after making a bed?
5.  Why should linen not be shaken?
6.  Why is linen (clean or dirty) never placed on the floor?
7.  How is the patient's privacy maintained throughout the procedure?
8.  How is a flat sheet positioned on the bed as a bottom sheet?  As a top sheet?
9.  Why is it important to pay attention to how the hems are on the linens?  How should they be positioned?
10. Why is only half of the bed made at a time?


To all my seniors: 

Complete 10 hour osha safety certification!!  If you have any trouble....e-mail me!


This is the career safe course that is free that was offered.   They have until April 10 to complete it.  

Student Enrollment Directions:

  • Students will need a valid voucher number in order to enroll and begin the CareerSafe® course.  Please email me for the code.
  •  Students log in to:  CareerSafe®Campus at
  • Click on "Don't Have an Account"
  • Those of you that already have an account (seniors) do not have to recreate.  Just log in to your existing account.
    • An email address must be provided as the username. 
    • Enter the student name as it should appear on all course completion documents
  • The student will then be prompted to create a password and select a security question.
  • Students are now logged in and can immediately enroll in a course
    • If student is enrolling with a teacher code, enter the code into the blank field at the bottom of the homepage.  This code is the one I have given you
    • This 5 hour course MUST be completed by Friday, April 10, 2020.
  • ANY PROBLEMS just e-mail me!!
  • On successful completion, student will receive a certificate of completion!!



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