Mission and Belief Statements

Belief and Mission Statements

The Belief Statements and Mission Statement were developed by an internal planning committee in cooperation with all stakeholders. They were refined and approved by the Steering Committee and approved by the Joint Operating Committee on October 19, 1995. Drafting of these statements took place after reflection and discussion of the unique character and purposes of Admiral Peary Area Vocational-Technical School.

We Believe:

  • that each student has the right to learn the basic skills of a sound, useful occupation suited to 
    his/her aptitudes, needs, interests, and capacity to learn.
  • that each student has the right to develop his/her background in a manner that will enable him/her 
    to later specialize and to do advanced work.
  • that each student will develop efficient work habits and strive for excellence, no matter what the task.
  • that each student will be aware of the worth and dignity of honest labor.
  • that each student will be encouraged to develop an appreciation and understanding of the 
    socioeconomic contributions of various occupations to society.
  • that each student deserves a program free from obsolescence and sufficiently adapted to new 
    methods and knowledge.
  • that each student has the right to proper guidance, career and otherwise, at all levels.
  • that each student needs to develop the ability to work cooperatively with others.
  • that each student has the right to balance academic and technical programs through integration 
    and articulation.
  • that all community members, recent graduates, general high school students, and adults will have 
    access to all programs.
  • that reflective thinking, problem solving, and creativity will be emphasized in each student's work.
  • that each student will be provided conditions which compare favorably with desirable conditions 
    in the occupations concerned.
  • that each student will develop an understanding of the social importance of good habits, 
    interpersonal relations, and employer-employee relationships.
  • that programs will promote emotional maturity, economic security, physical well-being, and safety.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Admiral Peary Area Vocational-Technical School is consistent with the mission and principles of the sending districts of which it is a part. If a characteristic sets it apart, it is the intrinsic 
concept that the dignity of work, coupled with necessary skills, promotes attitudes fundamental to 
democratic actions for the portion of the school and adult population it serves.

The concept of being a Technical Training Center, supplemental to the academic programs of the 
sending school, will enlarge and enrich the schools and their environment. Included with the diversity 
of program offerings will be a range of supporting services and continuity of educational opportunities 
for adults. Thus, Vocational Technical Education, acting as a supplement to academic education, will
equip youth and adults to affect their goals toward socio-economic success.

The mission of Admiral Peary AVTS is to provide continuous quality education that emphasizes a
positive work ethic and attitude, teamwork, necessary career and technical skills, and prepares students 
for success in an ever-changing work environment.


Admiral Peary Area Vocational-Technical School’s


The vision of Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Admiral Peary Area Vocational-Technical School is to ensure an education system of high quality and equity for the academic achievement and career preparation of all Admiral Peary students. Our graduates, through knowledge and experience, will contribute to the success of an ever-changing workforce.


APAVTS values a caring faculty, staff, and student body that demonstrates PRIDE:

  • Positive attitude
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Dependability
  • Engagement
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