Small Engine Assignments

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Small Engine Assignments


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Assignments will be posted on Mondays by noon for the week.   All Assignments are due before Fridays at noon.   Please email your instructor with the link above to turn in weekly assignment.   If you have questions or problems with the work please email the instructor or the learning support personnel that would normally assist you with your work with the links above.


PLEASE REVIEW THIS END OF YEAR INFORMATION including schedule on when you can pick up your things from your locker and last day of school:


Week of May 25th Assignments




Assignment - Last                CIP  47.0699 / Task - Enjoy

Summer Break

Posted (Monday) June 1, 2020                                     Due (Everyday) Until Sept., 2020


This week’s assignment will be the last required assignment for the 2019 / 20 year !!!


                             You may use “YOUTUBE” all that you want.


   What I want is for every student is to relax, enjoy, reflect and give thanks for all you have.

Also, I would like all that were in my class to be assured that I had a great experience being your instructor and very much hope your experience from this year was just as good.

   Our wildest dreams could not have seen the changes we had since March. And that proves that the biggest dreams you can think of are possible. So never underestimate your future.

I am proud of each and every one of you, and for the Seniors, my thoughts of all you missed out on are saddening. But, when you think of all the great and wonderful things that you will experience in your life, then the pain of this too will pass.



Good Luck,


Remember: Stay Safe, Be Kind, and I will look forward to seeing most of you this Fall.


Mr. Wagstaff



Week of May 18th Assignments

S.E.M.A                                Assignment  # 8                   CIP  47.0699 / Task 1800

Brake Basics

Posted (Monday) May 18,2020                                         Due (Friday) May 22,2020


This week’s assignment will be the last required assignment for the 4th marking period !

              Answer TRUE or FALSE on these five basic questions on brake systems.

          You may use Google, Youtube or any other reference to research information.


Next week’s assignment (# 9) is to turn in all on-line lessons that you may have missed.


1. Are the two main types of vehicle brakes systems?   Disk or Drum ?


2. In most cases “Disk” brakes perform better?


3.When brake pads get hot, they will stop the vehicle faster?


4.It is common practice to use regular motor oil in the brake system?


5.To “bleed” the brake lines, means to cut them with something sharp?


Remember to check the Admiral Peary’s web page for any information up-dates.


Good Luck

Mr. Wagstaff



Week of May 11th Assignments

Assignment  # 7 - Shop Systems                                        CIP  47.0699 - Task # 1100

Posted (Monday) May 11,2020                                           Due (Friday)           May 15 ,2020


This week’s assignment will be a “TRUE or FALSE” quiz on information from our P.O.S.

Here are 7 questions that we    covered several times from our course studies.

Please number your answers from # 1 - # 7 and enter True or False.

For any answers that you might  be unsure about, you may go to any “youtube” video or use any other resource for your answers.


 1. People who visit your shop area do not need to wear eye protection as long as they

     stay in the painted yellow walkways ?


 2. R.P.M.’s refers to an engine’s “revolutions per mile” ?


3. A “deep well” socket is used mainly for under water repairs ?


4. You will know if a bolt is “standard or metric” by finding the tread pitch ?


5. When setting the electronic timing on a small gasoline engine, you can use a business card

    as a feeler gauge ?


6. Three things you should check when you diagnosis an engine is “fuel, spark & compression ?


7. If you hear the word “scavenge” when referring to an exhaust system, it means the parts were

    found in a junk yard ?


   I have kept this week’s assignment a little shorter to give any of you that need to make up work, a better chance to catch up. Time is almost up, the school’s progress reports go out mid-week. This means you have one chance only to effect that outcome.

   To all my students, I am proud to have been your instructor and now I’m asking you to use this last opportunity to end this year with the goals we have discussed in the past. That is to change the stigma and opinions of others, about our department and our skills and motivation and our willingness to learn. We were well on our way and I thank each and every one of you for playing a part in that accomplishment.

   Now is your chance to show it, put the extra effort in to finish strong. I realize as a senior, or maybe even an underclassman it may not seem important, but the ethics and fortitude you display now will be one of the only ways that you can give back to the experience you gained.

    Good choices you make today will be the foundation that you will continue to build upon,,,,,

And after all, that is my most important responsibility to you. I hope I’ve accomplished that !


Mr. Wagstaff



Week of May 4th Assignments

Assignment # 6 – Cooling System                             CIP 47.0699  - Task # 300

Posted (Monday)  May 4, 2020 ----------------------Due (Friday) May 8, 2020


               Our On-line lesson plan for this week will cover some new information from the Program of Study.


The Cooling System


    Watch the YouTube video from the LINK below and answer the (5) “multiple choice” questions (A) (B) or (C).


1.     What part of the cooling system is sometimes optional? 

A.  Expansion Tank

B.  Water Jacket

C.  Radiator


2.     What is the purpose of a radiator fan ?     

A.  It mixes the Air/Fuel ratio

B.  Cools the water in the radiator                                             

C.  To cheer for the Radiator


3.     The water pump in a cooling system is…   

A.  located after the Catalytic Converter

B.  only used when it rains

C.  is used to push water into the engine


4.     The function of the thermostat is to...               

A.  allow hot water into the radiator

B.  converts water to steam 

C.  remove harmful gases


5.     High pressure from a HOT radiator can (OR WILL)...

A.  give you 2nd degree burns

B.  leave permanent scars on your face & hands

C.  make you wish that you paid more attention in SEMA



    I have passed on to as many of you that I could, about mid-quarter progress reports. If you need more info. or if you couldn’t be reached, Please get to me by e-mail or tx or phone ASAP.

Note to see that your first (5) assign. Are turned in on Friday (May 1st) NO later than SUN. eve.,

to have course credit up to this point.

REMEMBER:      All weekly lessons are required to receive full course credit for the year.




Week of April 27th Assignments        

                         Assignment # 5  - Exhaust                               CIP 47.0699  - Task # 500

                        Posted (Monday) April 27, 2020 ----------------------Due (Friday) May 1, 2020


          Our On-line lesson plan for this week will cover some new information from the Program of Study.


Basic Exhaust System


Watch the YouTube video from the LINK below and answer the (5) “multiple choice” questions (A) (B) or (C).




1. What part of the exhaust system is sometimes optional? 

A.  Muffler

B.  Manifold

C.  Resonator


 2. The front O2 Sensor regulates what? 

A.  Air/Fuel ratio

B.  Temperature of the engine                                               

C.   Water pressure in the manifold


 3. The rear O2 Sensor is... 

A.  located after the Catalytic Converter

B.  located after the muffler

C.  located after the tailpipe


 4. The funtion of the Catalytic Converter is to...

A.  help the engine “breath”.

B.  convert cats into dogs.  

C.  remove harmful gases.


 5.  Back pressure from an exhaust is…

A.  always present in a combustion engine.

B.  achieved by driving in reverse.

C.  what keeps an engine cool.


    If any student wants to view a video on exhaust that gets into the real science of why exhaust can be much more important than most mechanics think, then try to get you heads around this one!  





Please take note to see that the first (4) assignments are turned in by Friday, along with this # 5 task.

REMEMBER:      All weekly lessons are required to receive full course credit for the year!




Week of April 20th Assignments


Posted Monday (Noon) April 20,2020----------Due Friday (Noon) April 24,2020

Assignment # 4


A message to the students of the Small Engine Mechanic Area, we understand that this new way of learning can be awkward and sometimes frustrating. Hang in there,the goal is in site !

Adding to the situation is the lack of actual shop time & the hands-on practice of knowledge you gain from lesson plans. As a result of the difficulty in applying this to your studies, I am keeping the assignments in more of reviews of past lessons learned rather than having students trying to learn on-line, things like Caliper/Micrometer readings, valve grinding/piston ring installation, or even changing oil in a small engine or maybe sharpening lawn mower blades.

To this end, be assured that any skills that may be needed for your completion of this course,

CAN & WILL be covered in the upcoming school year.

So to complete this year’s skills only require that you try and turn in each completed assignment,

to the best of your ability.


With all that being said…….

This week’s assignment is more of a survey than a skill or knowledge task.


Part - A

List 5 things that you definitely learned from being in this class, (be specific). Number each from # 1- # 5.


Part - B

List 5 things that would disappoint you if you didn’t learn from this class before your 3 year course ends,

Again (be specific) and number these five things from # 6 - # 10.


This reflection will be reviewed and will be very helpful for both You and Me ! ! !


Take Care and Stay Safe,

Mr. Wagstaff



Week of April 13th Assignments

Assignment # 3

Posted (Monday by 10 AM) April 13,2020---Due (Friday by Noon) April 17,2020

This week’s assignment will be a “ TRUE or FALSE” evaluation from some of the lesson plans

that we completed from our Program of Study.

Here are 10 questions that we covered several times from our course studies.

Please number your answers from # 1 - # 10 and enter true or false.

 For any answers that you may be unsure about, you can go to the “YOU TUBE” links

 listed below each group of questions, you may also use any other resource for your answers.


1. A carburetor that has a bowl on the bottom is called a “Float” type carburetor ?

2. The “Choke” is made to add more gas for starting cold engines ?

3. An engine that is running “Rich” needs a higher gas to air mixture ?

4. The function of the carburetor is to regulate the mixture of “Fuel” & “Air” into an engine ?

5. The “3” important items for identifying a small engine is “Model, Type, & Color” ?

6. A brand (Sears, Murry, Craftsman) of a machine and the engine are always the same ?

7. The “Code” identification on an engine will contain the DOM (date of manufacturing) ?

8. When mixing fuel for a “2-stroke” engine you should have equal parts of gas & oil ?

9. “Timing” of an engine refers to when the spark plug fires in time with the piston ?

10. The 4 cycles of a “4-stroke” engine are INTAKE, COMPRESSION, REPAIR and



All students should have completed the “Student Survey” on our home page !



Week of April 6 Assignments





Posted (MONDAY by 10 AM) April 6,2020-----Due (FRIDAY by NOON) April 10,2020


For your assignment this week …


We have been away from our shop for 3 weeks now,

so give some thought of how you have been able to use any of the knowledge you gained from the program since we have been away from Vo-Tech.

This could be from any lesson we covered, and can be knowledge based or skills based.


Some ideas that may help you realize that you have used what you have learned.


“Discussions with family or friends about how a small engine works”

“Suggestions to someone on a diagnosis of their engine problems”

“Help a friend trouble shoot a machine to determine the issue”

“Show your relatives your knowledge of tools by helping in the garage”

“Identify & organize bolts & fasteners for your Dad or Pap”

“Mix the proper ratio for a 2-stroke engine”


These are only suggestions,

use your own experiences for this assignment.


Write down and send back to me, “three specific” examples in detail, from the last three week that relates to your program.


If you haven't had any examples (or at least three) since we've been out,

then your assignment is to get out and find a way to use your skills…

and then write them down and send them by Friday.


I will update and/or contact everyone that I can by Friday's due date on a weekly basis.


If any student has not completed the “STUDENT SURVEY” on the Admiral Peary home page, please do ASAP.


Have a great week & Stay Safe !


Week of March 30 Assignments


Posted (MONDAY by NOON) March 30, 2020 --- Due (FRIDAY at NOON) April 3, 2020

Assignment # 1

Using “You Tube” as instructional videos, watch these 3 links on Standard vs Metric.

After watching videos on measuring, apply the knowledge as a skill to complete the

following ( 10 ) exercises.

Use the list of everyday items to measure each item in both Standard & Metric sizes.

You can use a wooden ruler, tape measure, or any other device.

(Most measuring tools will have both standard & metric)

Be sure to measure each item and identify both sizes.

 Standard Metric

1) The length of a dollar bill ?

2) The width of a dollar bill ?

3) CD music disk (diameter) ?

4) A light wall switch cover ?

5) A quarter (25 cents) (diameter) ?


Now to all my students………..time for the Monday morning “gripe” session.

I just wanted you all to know that we understand your frustration & anxiety about

our current situation, along with the uncertainty of the remaining school year.

None of us could have seen the incredible trials that the Covid Virus would bring,

but if we keep smart and stay safe, we will all overcome this.

This new On-line assignment program is required from the PDE, and will allow for

credit towards your program of study.

Your participation is necessary for course credit !

A link to my e-mail is listed above, use this to submit your work before every Friday.

Please, e-mail me this week so I can get all of you registered, and for any questions.


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