- Groundbreaking ceremonies for Admiral Peary Area Vocational-Technical School were held on July 18, 1971, with the tentative opening date set for September, 1972.

- Originally five school districts agreed to participate in the Vo-Tech. The participating schools were: Blacklick Valley, Cambria Heights, Central Cambria, Penn Cambria and Portage Area.

Admiral Peary's Original Operating Committee Members:

Dino Deyulis, Chairman
Mrs. Florence Zalisnock, 1st Vice Chairman
Ronald P. Muffie, Secretary
James Cunningham, Treasurer
Mrs. Helen Kepshire
James Estep
Raymond C. Rodgers
William Lawn, Jr.

Admiral Peary's Original Authority Members:

Stephen D. Oblackovich, Chairman
Guy Cicotello, Vice Chairman
Mrs. Juanita Schettig, Secretary
George M. Patrick, Assistant Secretary
Geno Persio, Treasurer
Raymond Kopas, Assistant Treasurer
Harry L. Cree
Lloyd G. Davis
Vincent P. Franey

Admiral Peary's Original General Advisory Committee Members:

Frank J. Castelli, Chairman
James J. Long, Vice Chairman
Marjorie Griffith, Secretary

George T. Atkins
Paul R. Krugh
James H. Connell, Jr.
H. Connell Lang
Dr. James R. Connolly
Robert Lanzendorfer
Raymond F. Dodson
George H. Lesak
John F. Doyle
Elmer F. Little
Joseph R. Duffy
Paul McDermott
Paul K. Easly
Beatrice McMullen
Peter A. Ferguson
Joseph Prave
Carla Gibson
Valerio L. Scarton
Arthur H. Gwynn
James B. Sholti
John Hayes
Herbert C. Terndrup
Neoma Hoppel
Joseph Valentine
Ralph P. Kinley
Dr. Albert Zanzuccki

-The project total cost was estimated at $4 million. The site of the building was to be west of Bishop Carroll High School near the town of Revloc in Cambria Township. The architect for the building was L. Robert Kimball of Ebensburg. There were also 20 Technical Advisory Committees consisting of 121 members.

-Plans called for the enrollment of 800 students, 35% were to be female.
-Due to a lengthy construction strike in 1972, the school would not be completed before the beginning of the new school year. Over 800 students were bused to two temporary sites, one at the Revloc School and one at the Colver school. Around November 17, 1972 students began moving into the new school building.

Admiral Peary's Original Staff and Faculty

Administrative Staff:

Dr. F.K. Shields - Chief School Administrator
Dr. Bryan V. Fluck - Director
John P. Buriak - Supervisor
Charles L. Green - Coordinator

Student Services:

Charles C. Wilson - Director of Human Development
Robert V. Cassidy - Placement Counselor

Instructors and Courses:

Joseph M. Berdomas - Modern Methods Mining
Mrs. S. Lucille Bowen - Industrial Nurse
Hugh H. Brown - Agriculture Technology
Robert I. Buck - Auto Body & Fender
Clyde E. Burket - Automotive Mechanic
Brian E. Conroy - Environmental Control Tech
Mrs. Mary Kay Datko - Health Assistant
Vincent P. Golden - Permanent Substitute
William E. Guegen - Physics
Hubert C. Hammond - Electronics Technology
David H. Hescox - Machinist
Thomoas P. Kelly - Carpentry
Mrs. Janice W. Kengla - Quantity Foods Occupations
Miss Gertrude E. Miller - Personal Services & Trans.
Richard N. Moore - Plumbing
William J. Mulvehill - Electricity
Michael C. Pinos - Welding
Dennis C. Scanlon - Horticulture
Mrs. V. Lynne Stombaugh - Cosmetology
Thomas A. Urbain - Scient. Data Processing
Anthony F. Vescovi - Masonry
Chadwick D. Wensel - Mathematics
Robert J. Wilk - Mech. Draft & Design Technology
Miss Rosemary Williamson - Marketing Technology

School Office Staff:

Mrs. Ann P. Smokonich - Office Manager
Miss Linda Cunningham - Secretary
Miss Caroline M. Swalligan - Bookkeeper
Miss Rebecca Louchart - Clerk-Typist

Research Coordinating Unit:

Dr. Edward H. Lareau - Assoc. Dr. for Research
Charles R.Theisen - Computer Programmer
Wayne M. Collins - Jr. Programmer

Research Office Staff:

Mrs. Donna M. Rupert - Secretary
Miss Theresa Lash - Clerk-Typist
Mrs. Hollace Feather - Clerk-Typist
Miss Karen L. Kinter - Clerk-Typist

Building and Grounds:

James R. Kenny - Plant Engineer
Clifton J. Boland - Building Maintenance
Joseph P. Real - Building Maintenance
Leonard P. Farabaugh - Building Maintenance

The United States Navy decommissioned the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Wasp and presented the anchor to the Admiral Peary Area Vocational-Technical School in memory of the late Admiral Robert E. Peary for whom the school was named. The anchor is located in the lowerlevel parking lot of the school.